I am an Indigenous photographer based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. My specialty is portraiture, although my services include family, couple, commercial, and event photography as well. 
Born in Scarborough, I spent my childhood driving back and forth between Thunder Bay and Toronto, always finding new ways to appreciate the beauty of Ontario. Growing up, I travelled around the country every summer, and my interest in exploring the world continues to drive me today. 
I am also driven by Indigenous rights issues in Canada. My work with Neechee Studio allows me to encourage the Indigenous youth in Thunder Bay to express themselves through different art forms. 
The 'Film Photography' page of this website shares a look into my daily life. I believe it is as important for my clients to see my life as it is for you to see my work, in order to ensure a comfortable environment during every shoot. I carry around a film camera wherever I go, in order to constantly challenge my eye with carefully chosen shots. 
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